When will the causeways close?

Specifically, the causeways never close for westbound traffic and will remain open, however that does not mean it is safe to cross. Wind speeds can be much faster at the top of the bridge than at ground level.



After a Storm has passed, the bridges may not be open for returning traffic until the beach-side cities have safely cleared debris from the main roadways, therefore it is possible the causeways will not be open for several hours after tropical storm winds have passed.


Who protects my home if I evacuate?


Have you met the Satellite Beach Firefighters and Police Officers?!  You know how dedicated they are to protect your home.  Satellite Beach Fire Department will maintain emergency operations, and Satellite Beach Police Department patrols the streets and secures the city.  


What do I do for my pets?

Pets are not allowed in general population evacuation shelters. Click here for pet friendly shelters


Where do I get sandbags.

Sandbags are typically available at local home improvement and hardware stores.  Occasionally Brevard County provides free sandbags. If that occurs, we will post the process for pick up on the City web page: www.SatelliteBeach.org 


Where do I find up-to-date information?

Brevard County Emergency Management provides up to date information that is generalized for the entire county, however, local updates are best found on the City web page:   www.SatelliteBeach.org


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